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Gifts of $50receive a key chain produced on the 3D printer.$50.00
Gifts of $100receive a Bottle Opener (think[box] Design) produced on the 3D printer.$100.00
Gifts of $250receive an Earbud Holder produced on the 3D printer.$250.00
Gifts of $500receive a Whistle produced on the 3D printer.$500.00
Gifts of $750receive a Cube Gear produced on the 3D printer. $750.00
Gifts of $1000receive a Balloon-Powered Turbine produced on the 3D printer.$1,000.00
Gifts of $1500receive a Differential Gear System produced on the 3D printer.$1,500.00
Gifts of $3000receive a Wrench (think[box] Design) produced on the 3D printer.$3,000.00
Gifts of $5000 or morewill fund one full workstation. As a thank you, you will be recognized with a name plaque on the Mobile 3D Printer Workstation and a personalized wrench produced on the 3D printer.
Make your unrestricted gift to the Case Fund, the Annual Fund for the Case School of Engineering

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    What is casestarter?

    Casestarter is a crowd-funding platform developed by and for alumni as a creative way to support specific projects and programs of the Case School of Engineering and the math and applied sciences of Case Western Reserve University. By collectively pooling the targeted donations of individuals to a dedicated goal, casestarter allows individuals to have a direct impact on the outcome of these projects.

    Launched by the Case Alumni Association in spring of 2013, casestarter represents a new model of giving where individuals contribute to and pool support for a project they believe in. It is not meant to replace the Case Fund®, the Annual Fund of the Case School of Engineering. Rather, it provides more ways to help sustain and impact the school and university.

    It is our sincere expectation that alumni and friends will see the benefit of investing through casestarter to fund projects that inspire creativity and innovation, now and in the future.


    How does casestarter work?

    Case Alumni Association’s casestarter website introduces one project at a time complete with an introductory video, details of the complete project, funding objectives and giving-related rewards.

    From the homepage, individuals select a giving level and a tally of the number of supporters and pledges to date is updated. Once the funding amount is achieved, donors receive their “reward” as stipulated.


    Who can support casestarter projects?

    We encourage all of our alumni, faculty, students and friends of the Case School of Engineering and the math and applied sciences of Case Western Reserve University to provide support to any projects that appeal to them. Backing a project is more than just giving money to a worthy cause; it is also about becoming part of something bigger than what one person can do alone.
    toward $30,000 goal
    • Got Bot?

      Your support through this Case Alumni Association initiative provides think[box] the ability to purchase up to six fully equipped Mobile 3D printer workstations, allowing students direct access to this increasingly popular technology. The existing larger think[box] 3D printers– while not portable or available to students without supervision – have proven to be an incredible resource for experiential learning and budding entrepreneurs.

      Just think what having accessible, mobile 3D printer workstations can mean! Faculty, student groups and alumni can book the stations for special projects in think[box] or wheel the workstations to a classroom for training and demonstrations. The equipment will provide a unique learning experience and recruiting tool for younger students, furthering the reputation of this unique workspace as a place for collaboration, experimentation and innovation.

    • About the equipment

      Each MakerBot Replicator 2 is equipped with a single extruder and optimized to build parts using PLA (a renewable bioplastic) filament. The technology is simple to use and is particularly suitable for first-year introductory engineering courses and K-12 design-and-build projects. All users will appreciate the simplicity and accessibility of this mobile rapid prototyping system.

    • The rewards of support

      For your monetary support of $50 or more, you will receive a commemorative piece created on a 3D printer. The larger the gift, the more intricate and personalized the reward. It is a small token of gratitude and a nice keepsake commemorating your part in successfully helping us achieve our goal.

    The Case Alumni Association is a 501 (c) (3) public charity and all gifts are deductible to the fullest extent of the law as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.